Many of us have a deep affection for our vehicles, and we often spend a significant amount of time inside them. Ensuring the cleanliness of our vehicles is crucial since the interior serves as another living space. Depending on how frequently we use our vehicles, there arises a need for thorough and detailed cleaning of the interiors. Seats and upholstery can get dirty due to transporting various objects or having children on board. Sometimes, soot and dirt accumulate on the vehicle’s roof, especially if smoking takes place inside the car or when polluted air and gases enter through open windows. Additionally, the trunk requires periodic cleaning as well. To meet all your interior cleaning needs (excluding leather and glass), the Feat® Stain Remover Spray proves to be exceptionally effective.

While enjoying the time spent inside our vehicles, we also place great importance on maintaining their cleanliness and tidiness. This not only ensures a comfortable and healthy interior but also helps preserve the vehicle’s value. A well-kept interior enhances the aesthetic appeal and overall usability of the car. However, over time, dirt and stains become inevitable. Car seats and upholstery are prone to staining due to frequent passenger usage, the presence of pets, or spills during meals. The car’s roof and windows may accumulate dust, grime, and cigarette smoke residue. In such cases, the Feat® Stain Remover Spray offers an ideal solution, as its highly effective formula ensures a deep cleansing process while preserving the integrity of the vehicle’s interior surfaces, resulting in a long-lasting and clean environment inside the car.

How is it used?

For effective use, it is best to directly apply the product to the stained or soiled area and then gently wipe it away using a microfiber cloth. Afterwards, a thorough rinsing is essential to ensure there are no remaining residues or traces. To achieve optimal results, it is essential to wipe the product in the same direction as the application and ensure a complete rinse for a residue-free finish.

To achieve the best outcome, apply the product directly onto the affected area, be it a stain or dirt. Then, use a microfiber cloth to carefully wipe away the product, ensuring that it is done in a single direction to prevent any residue. Lastly, a proper rinsing process is crucial to ensure a clean and trace-free surface, leaving you with impeccable results.

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